Our go-to person for all our legal needs.

Roman is great. He is always on point and doesn't mind going the extra mile when needed. He keeps us grounded while still exploring creative solutions. He is our trustworthy go-to person for all our legal needs. I highly recommend him.

— Alper

Great lawyer with tremendous integrity.

Roman's aid was invaluable. Not only were his words wise and on the money, his attitude was all that could be asked for - friendly, helpful, caring and definitely went the extra mile. I can't wait to work with him again.

— Seth


I have been very pleased with Roman’s advice on starting a media business. Not only has he helped me negotiate successful contracts with new clients, he has given superb counsel on business strategy—he gets the new digital environment and functions fully in that sphere. Also, I have always found him to be responsive; he meets the deadlines he promises. And he’s got a calm, thoughtful demeanor whch I especially appreciate. I highly recommend Roman Reyhani!
— Beth

Responsive, quick turn-around time & competent.

Because of Roman's entrepreneurial background, and the fact that he has run a few startups himself, it feels like he can empathize with me on a deeper level and give relevant guidance. Besides his responsiveness, quick turn-around time, competence and attention to detail, it's helpful talking about the meta stuff with him as well.

— Joshua

Solid Understanding of the Digital Entertainment Landscape

Roman helped us to craft a smart, forward-thinking, and fair agreement on a complicated topic around e-commerce, independent contractors, and intellectual property in the arenas of online education and digital entertainment. He thinks outside the box and is ahead of the game, and personally cares about your business and your overall legal strategy.

— Michael


Not just a lawyer.

Roman is the type of person you hope would be an advisor for your company. With my early stage tech startup, he guided me to concentrate only on what was necessary...even if that meant me hiring him for less work. Specifically, Roman created modular independent contractor agreements for hiring web developers + interns, and delivered general business advice.

I have never met a more trustworthy, brilliant, and interested lawyer in my life. He's ingrained in the community, he attends tech events, interviews up-and-coming founders -- because he loves his work. Roman is not just a lawyer, he's a friend. And I cannot wait to work with / grab coffee with him again.

— Jonathan

Looks out for his clients' needs as #1 priority.

We have engaged Roman on various legal needs over the last 3-4 years. What makes him great is that he clearly cares about the client result - his advice always had our needs as the top priority, and he takes the time to really understand our business position each time. He has even referred us to other legal counsel who specialized in a certain area we needed to address that was outside his normal working parameters. I would highly recommend Roman to anyone - his intelligence means that he can research and solve most problems, and his caring attitude means that he will always do his best to help you out no matter what the situation is.

— Andrew

There are some other reviews here mentioning that Roman is a genius, and I have to echo that statement. I engaged Roman as a start-up founder for a complicated contract issue against a seasoned publicly traded company. Main points in my experience:

Roman is an exceptional/creative business and legal advisor. He really is much above average in his capabilities and understanding as an attorney. I’ve had a number of attorneys look at my contract before (a 6 figures contract drafted by the most expensive legal firm in my state). He was able to thoroughly yet quickly dissect and capture the landmines that bypassed numerous other attorneys.

Roman will look out for your best interest. He truly cares about his clients, and every moment charged produced value.

Roman is extremely honest. That being said, he will tell you the harsh realities of your situation and work with you to find out the solutions.

Roman is not just a spectacular attorney, but he is a valuable advisor that you would want along your entrepreneurial journey. He is also a great individual to work with, and I wished I found him much sooner in my career.
— Julie

Contract genius!

Roman was instrumental in the negotiations of a multi-year contract with a major television network. His insight was invaluable, he is incredibly responsive and the contract outcome far exceeding all my expectations. I would recommend him to anyone!

— Gadi

Great experience!

We are a mobile app startup and had Roman help us tidy up some corporate structure matters and revise our terms / privacy policy. He's easy to work with, knowledgeable, and delivers ahead of schedule. We look forward to continue working with his firm.

— Jack