Provocative strategies for big picture thinking. 

As a lawyer and entrepreneur with a deep understanding of business models, market opportunities, and the legal frameworks that affect them, I can help your operations become more efficient and effective. Starting with an initial assessment followed by a comprehensive engagement process, I consult both solo entrepreneurs and large enterprises on finding balance, uncovering pain points, and expanding their profit margins.

Through our collaboration, I can advise on:

  • Scaling your operations
  • Global expansion
  • Team building
  • Allocation of resources
  • Overcoming regulatory obstacles 
  • Managing suppliers & distributors 
  • Initiating user and customer growth 
  • Working with investors
  • And expanding the benefits you offer through products and services.

In the past, I’ve advised organizations specializing in high-end technology, artificial intelligence, crypto assets, and digital media; however, I can consult on a variety of problem areas in other industries as well. Let’s set up a discovery call to see if we’re a good fit.


Legal Advice

Corporate Structure
Equity Distribution
Joint Ventures
Regulatory Compliance
Intellectual Property
Media Law
Entertainment & Media Agreements
Content Acquisition, Development, Licensing, Talent, Distribution, Merchandising & Publishing


Specialty: High-End Tech
Strategy & Product Roadmaps
Defining the Product
Defining the Business Model
Growing & Scaling the Business



A great experience!

“We are a mobile app startup and had Roman help us tidy up some corporate structure matters and revise our terms / privacy policy. He's easy to work with, knowledgeable, and delivers ahead of schedule. We look forward to continue working with his firm.”

— Jack

A stellar strategist!

“I have been very pleased with Roman's advice on starting a media business. Not only has he helped me negotiate successful contracts with new clients, he's given superb counsel on business strategy--he really gets the new digital environment.”

— Beth

Quick turn-around time!

“Because of Roman's entrepreneurial background, and the fact that he has run a few startups himself, it feels like he can empathize with me on a deeper level and give relevant guidance. it's helpful talking about the meta stuff with him as well.”

— Joshua


Gain clarity in a world of uncertainty.

Starting with a discovery call.