How did an international lawyer go from working on chemical weapons in The Hague to advising growing tech & media companies in Los Angeles? 

Well, funny story. 

I've always been nomadic, from my birth in Germany and childhood in New Zealand to my independent law practice based in Los Angeles. Maybe that's why I've never exactly fit the mold of your traditional law firm attorney. Then again, you can go to most lawyers and essentially get the same contract; but one-size-fits-all doesn't work in the field of innovation, which is where I come in.

With a diverse background and global perspective, I’ve worked with everyone from seasoned entrepreneurs and content creators to budding startups and large enterprises. Together we’ve structured business models, raised capital, solidified content distribution & licensing, and developed growth roadmaps for the future. Recent success stories include helping an A.I. startup grow from inception to acquisition in just over 12 months, a content creator close a multi-book deal with a record advance for her vertical, and others close acquisiton deals worth nine figures.

These results are undoubtedly due to my background in international law, emerging technologies, tech & media regulations, and the ever-shifting digital landscape. It’s also why I was asked to join the legal team at IAC, become an instructor at General Assembly, and mentor early stage startups through UCLA’s Anderson Venture Accelerator. Being a private investor in many high-tech companies hasn’t hurt either.

So, while my main focus may no longer be international law, I've found my home serving the creative and tech industries - spotting trends, solving problems, growing businesses and protecting my clients in an age of constant innovation and change.

I look forward to doing the same for you.




International Background

I was born in Germany and raised in New Zealand. In total, I’ve lived on four continents, and speak fluent German and English. As an attorney, I’ve been admitted to the California State Bar and as a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand.

International Law Career

I worked at the UNICTR on the team prosecuting four leading government ministers of Rwanda. In addition, I worked with the legal advisors office of the OPCW in dealing with chemical weapons inspections, verification and disarmament.

California Startup Scene

I worked for IAC/CityGrid Media, providing legal advice for a number of highly trafficked sites and apps. During this time, I also became an active member of the California startup scene, and have served as a board member for a number of startups. 

Masters in Public International Law

While studying in The Hague, I wrote my Master’s thesis on chemical weapons, specifically as it related to the U.S. military’s use of white phosphorus in Fallujah. It was distributed across the highest levels of government around the world and cited in various publications.

United States Pivot

Once I moved to Los Angeles in 2007, I began working with film, television, and new media deals. In 2011, I formed my law practice, and began providing legal advice and strategy to a number of innovative tech & media companies. 

Global Investor

Since 2008 I've been trading and investing in equities, currencies and commodity futures, both independently and through a proprietary trading firm based in Chicago. With the growth in crypto, I've since added them to the assets I currently invest in.  

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